If you would like TIN to investigate your family member’s case please have your family member fill out all the information on this questionnaire and send it in to:  

Texas Innocence Network
University of Houston Law Center
100 Law Center
Houston, Texas 77204-6060

We can only take cases sent to us directly from the inmate themselves.  So please do not submit a request on behalf of family member.

Family Members

If you would like to help:

  • Gather trial records including:
    • Trial Transcript
    • Evidentiary Hearing Transcript
    • Clerk’s Records
  • Obtain a copy of the police report
  • Locate and establish the existence of any evidence in police custody
    • If possible place a “do not destroy” order on the evidence
  • Get a copy of all appeals records including:
    • Appellate Brief – Appellant (defense)
    • Appellate Brief – Respondent (prosecution)
    • Post-Conviction Brief – Appellant (defense)
    • Post-Conviction Brief – Respondent (prosecution)
  • Locate as many witnesses as possible and keep a current address and phone number.

Please do not send us anything you have collected until we ask for it specifically.